Ree Drummond Plans to Open up a Pizza Place

The Pioneer Woman is at it again! But this time, she’s serving up a delicious slice.

As if the Ree Drummond doesn’t do enough (starring in a television show, writing a blog, overseeing a magazine, and running a restaurant and hotel, the list goes on), in one of her blog entries she revealed another business venture of hers in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. That’s right, pizza. And by the looks of the photos, the restaurant looks like the kind of place you want to chill at on a Saturday afternoon.

Pro tip: Ree Drummond does love to eat and she has a secret to staying in shape while eating a lot.

The blog entry started off with Ree Drummond talking about a funeral of a much-beloved family member. The evening after the service was actually spent at the soon-to-be pizza place called P-Town Pizza. According to Ree, “P-Town” is the nickname for Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

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So what’s on the menu?

At this moment, the full menu has yet to be revealed. However, Ree did share some images of cocktails that will be served at this pizza place. These cocktails include Bloody Marys and a cocktail that tastes like “cold apple pie.” She even shared a photo of some delicious dessert served in a mason jar. By the looks of it, it’s layered with chocolate pudding (or is it mousse?), whipped cream and either Oreos or brownies between the layers. As for other desserts, we are pretty convinced that she will not be serving this on the menu, given that it’s the one food Ree Drummond never eats.

We are keeping a close eye out for the pizza menu, but it will be wood-fired pizza, so you know it’s going to be out of this world. A quick scan of her Facebook does show that one pizza will have arugula and prosciutto and one with cherry tomatoes and possibly some pesto.

While we wait for the full menu, in the meantime you can make some pizza at home with one of these.

Ree's Favorite Potluck Foods (Besides Pizza)
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