Ree Drummond Made Her Burgers Low-Carb With This Genius Trick

She is SO smart.

I feel like everywhere I turn, I’m coming across some sort of keto diet trick. Either from a friend, on the Internet or even in books, eating low-carb is the trendy thing (especially if you’re digging into one of these keto diet recipes).

Now, I’m the type of eater that keeps her carb intake strictly for the things that I like. For example, I’d choose a bagel over a donut any day. When it comes to burgers, I would rather save my carbs for some delicious french fries, which is why I’m absolutely in love with Ree Drummond’s burger trick.

First shared on her Food Network show The Pioneer Woman, then on Twitter, Ree Drummond enlightens the world with her “Mushbuns.” That’s right—a burger that uses mushroom caps as the buns! Genius? I think so!

How does this work?

According to the recipe, Ree Drummond uses portobello mushrooms for the buns. She’ll prepare the mushrooms by stemming and cleaning them, then grill the mushrooms. Once the burgers are also grilled and the cheese is melted, she’ll add the patty to the inside of the mushroom cap, top with some delicious toppings, and finish it off with another mushroom cap.

Personally, I think it’s brilliant. With the exception of pretzel buns (because I love those), I’ve never been a huge fan of burger buns. To me, the bun is just the tool you use to eat the burger. With a trick like this, I can say no to something that I’m not a huge fan of (burger buns) and say yes to something I actually love (delicious mushrooms). And french fries, because YUM.

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It’s one of Ree’s favorites!

In the tweet that she shared, Ree Drummond called it “one of my favorite things I’ve cooked recently.” When she referred to them as “Mushbuns,” she added a laughing emoji alongside it. But to be honest, the name is brilliant! I’d be happy to call them Mushbuns. Quite frankly, I think I’ll try making burgers tonight with some Mushbuns. So thanks, Ree, for the clever idea and name. You have one Mushbun fan right here!

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