Ree Drummond’s Kids Are Helping Her Film ‘The Pioneer Woman’ at Home

You're going to love the camera crew!

One unexpected side effect of the current pandemic? Plenty of TV shows have started filming from home to stay on the air. It has produced some interesting results; I mean, it’s not like we ever expected to be seeing Jimmy Fallon’s wife and kids on his program, but here we are!

Taking a page from Fallon’s book is Ree Drummond, host of the Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman. She’s currently filming her show with a little help from her kids, and it’s super sweet.

You Have to See Ree’s Crew at Work

Drummond calls her kids her “camera crew” in one of her Instagram posts, and it’s perfect. “Proud of these Gen Z’ers!” she says, while also mentioning that she caught a spoon on fire—and if that doesn’t make you want to watch an episode, I don’t know what will. Check it out:

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My TV crew.❤️ Proud of these Gen Z’ers! “Staying Home: Episode 2” airs on Food Network this morning at 10et/9c! Come watch me catch a spoon on fire. That is not a figure of speech.🤓

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More recently, Drummond posted an update about the schedule for her program. She says there’ll be another self-shot show on Saturday, and she promises a “comedy of errors” in the last five minutes. The photo shows one of her daughters filming, so it made sense that she thanked them in the post.

Pioneer Woman Fans, Rejoice!

Her post makes it sound like there’s plenty to come from Ree and her show, even though COVID-19 has made filming tricky. She says there’ll be a fast turnaround time for future episodes, so fans should let her know if there’s anything they want to see. (We’re hoping for more of her meal prep tips.)

If you need a little comfort food—and who doesn’t, right now?—check out this list of the Pioneer Woman’s favorites.

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