6 Recalls to Check Before You Prep Your Thanksgiving Meal

The most recent recalls may put a hitch in your Turkey Day plans.

Do your dinner guests a favor by taking a peek in the fridge this holiday season. As we approach Thanksgiving, recalls have been popping up like crazy, making your kitchen a stomping ground for bacteria. In the last week, six recalls have been issued for various food products, from fresh fruit to meat your menu just can’t go without.

Here’s what to keep an eye on before you hit the kitchen this Thanksgiving.

Romaine Lettuce

This romaine lettuce recall was caused by an E. coli outbreak in 16 states. The outbreak has affected 40 people so far, with 28 hospitalizations. The FDA warns consumers to discard romaine lettuce heads, hearts and salad mixes that bear a location stamp from Salinas, California. Toss any romaine lettuce that’s missing a location stamp, too. If you’re not sure that your salad mix includes romaine, you’re better off giving it the pitch. For more information, check the FDA recommendation.


515,000 pounds of pork distributed to Illinois went uninspected, prompting a recall from FSIS. All of the products come from Morris Meat Packing and bear the establishment number EST. 18267. The affected pork products include spare ribs, bacon, shanks, shoulders and more. Take a look at the full list here.

This handy app warns you about nasty recalls ahead of time (so they won’t ruin your dinner plans).

Cottage Cheese

No one wants to find something crunchy in their cottage cheese. 9,500 cases of Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese are recalled for containing small bits of red plastic and metal that could cause injuries. The recall affects 16-ounce Breakstone’s 2% Milkfat Lowfat Large Curd Cottage Cheese, 24-ounce Breakstone’s 4% Milkfat Large Curd Cottage Cheese and 24-ounce Breakstone’s 4% Milkfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese. All of the packaging includes the “Best When Used By” date of December 10, 2019. Get all the details from the FDA.


If you’re looking to healthify the menu this Thanksgiving, sneak a peek at your soybean stash. Soybeans from Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets are recalled by the USDA for mold. Organic Soybeans sold in 2-pound clear plastic bags should be on your radar. The soybeans were sent to 154 Natural Grocers’ locations in 20 states with a UPC code of 000080663607. Don’t forget to check out the FDA announcement!

Cheese Nips

Before you put that snack bowl out, double check your cabinets. Cheese Nips have been voluntarily recalled by Mondelez Global. The 11-ounce boxes contain yellow plastic pieces which are not part of a balanced diet. Each affected box bears a “Best When Used By” date of May 18, 2020, May 19, 2020 or May 20, 2020. Here’s the full report from the FDA.


Blackberries sold in 11 states have been identified as the potential cause of a hepatitis A outbreak. 11 illnesses have been reported along with six hospitalizations. Berries purchased from Fresh Thyme between September 9 and September 30 should be tossed ASAP. The USDA actively updates this recall in case of future outbreaks.

Please avoid these food safety mistakes and keep your family safe this Thanksgiving!

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