This Is the Real Flavor Difference Between Pepsi and Coca-Cola

No, your taste buds aren't playing tricks on you! Despite their similar qualities, there is an actual difference.

Pepsi versus Coca-Cola may be one of the most controversial drink debates of all time. A strong divide between diehard Coke drinkers and Pepsi enthusiasts has always existed. Yet, the two drinks are practically identical in every way from their caramel syrup color to their ingredients. Both sodas contain sodium, sugar, carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, caffeine and natural flavors.

Despite their numerous similarities, Pepsi and Coca-Cola still give people two vastly different flavor experiences, which explains why people prefer one over the other. In Blink, a book about decision making and thinking, by author, journalist and podcaster, Malcolm Gladwell, he writes, “Pepsi is sweeter than Coke and is also characterized by a citrusy flavor burst, unlike the more raisiny-vanilla taste of Coke.” Don’t miss how we settled the cola taste-test debate.

In fact, a 12 ounce can of Pepsi contains one thing Coke does not—citric acid. In addition, Pepsi also has two more grams of sugar than Coke. These two subtle differences give Pepsi its sweet, citrus-like flavor that people either love or loathe. Plus, the additional 15 mg of sodium in a can of Coke may explain why it tastes more like a club soda with a toned-down sweetness. Next, find out the best craft soda from every state.

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