This Is What The Queen Eats Before Breakfast

Tea time is first thing in the morning at Buckingham Palace!

Even queens need a morning pick-me-up, and Queen Elizabeth II is no exception to having an early morning necessity.

The Queen eats breakfast every day at 8:30 a.m. with her husband, Prince Philip. But she doesn’t arrive on an empty stomach. In fact, Elizabeth indulges before her morning bath every morning at 7:30.

Once she’s up, Queen Elizabeth II enjoys a pot of hot Earl Grey tea, alongside some tea biscuits. Like most U.K. residents, she takes her tea sans sugar, but doesn’t mind adding a little milk. You can, in fact, drink your tea like a royal, because her majesty’s favorite brand of Earl Grey is available around the world.

Her tea is piping hot and poured from silver pots into a bone china cup for her to sip while she listens to the radio with these Buckingham Palace cookies.

If you also enjoy a cup of tea in the morning, take note from the monarch herself and try making these tea cookies to nibble on before the most important meal of the day. Get more tea party ideas here.

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Once she’s digested her pre-meal treats, Queen Elizabeth II loves to enjoy Special K cereal and fruit for her morning munchies. Yes, the Queen really does love the same brands us “commoners” enjoy every day! Check out other staples she loves.

This sounds like the perfect start to any day, to us! And we’re glad that the United Kingdom’s longest reigning monarch is taking a little bit of time for herself.

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