Here’s Why You Should Keep Track of Your Pyrex Model Numbers

Pyrex is supposed to last a lifetime, but accidents happen in the kitchen. If your glassware ever needs replacing, the Pyrex model numbers are good to know.

If you grew up in a family that cooks, Pyrex is a household name. The brand has been at home in our refrigerators and cabinets for over 100 years, and we’ve enjoyed everything from heirloom Pyrex collections to modern Disney-themed sets from Costco.

Pyrex is something most of us use every day,  but have you noticed the numbers printed on the bottom your favorite Pyrex piece?

It’s a model number, and you’ll want to keep track of it. From Pyrex novice to vintage collector, these three- or four-digit codes are a must-know. Here’s what they mean.

What Are Pyrex Model Numbers?

Each Pyrex piece is assigned a model number, though some of the earliest sets of color ware pieces do not have them. Model numbers are typically found on the bottom of your glassware, though sometimes they are located elsewhere—look for them above the trademark on your dishes, and around handles and edges of lids.

Generally, these short codes are a good reference for consumers and Pyrex owners. They are not the same numbers found in Pyrex catalogs—those numbers don’t appear anywhere on your glassware. You might see other numbers on your pieces, too, and these usually refer to molding operations and are not significant to the item.

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Why Model Numbers Are Important

Even if you don’t have an extensive collection of Pyrex, understanding the model numbers of your pieces is important. If a dish were to break, for example, you would be able to locate its exact replacement with that simple code. The same goes for Pyrex enthusiasts and collectors out there—if you desperately need a lid for your favorite vintage Pyrex piece, you’ll be able to scour eBay for one if you know the model number!

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