This Pumpkin Spice Spam Is Coming Soon—and It’s Surprisingly Delicious

Enjoy the taste of fall every morning with pumpkin spice Spam!

As the spooky season draws closer, everyone is jumping on board with fall flavors. Pumpkin spice is officially making the rounds with seasonal favorites like crispy pumpkin-coated Kit Kats and Pillsbury’s pumpkin cinnamon rolls. (And who can forget the oh-so-tasty PSL?) While everyone’s favorite flavor trickles back into stores, a new contender rises to really test your love of pumpkin spice.

Ready your taste buds, because this season starts with pumpkin spice Spam.

This Year, It’s No Joke

You might recall that Spam (aka the wonder food) played into the rumors of a pumpkin spice variety back in 2017, when the flavor really took off in popularity and consumers demanded all things pumpkin spice. They even made a mock-up product image. Now, two years later, Spam isn’t messing around anymore.

The idea of pumpkin spice Spam might sound stomach-turning at first thought, but taste testers who have already gotten their hands on a can argued it’s actually full of flavor. Packed with savory meat, cinnamon, nutmeg and plenty of other fall favorites, we think pumpkin spice Spam might help make the perfect autumnal breakfast. It’s worth trying!

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Where to Grab Your Little Square Can

Rest assured that your breakfast plans won’t be disrupted yet. The seasonal Spam won’t be available until September 23, according to the Hormel Foods newsroom. While we don’t have word on the price tag, it shouldn’t cost you too much more than the average can at $2.68. We’d have no problem paying a little extra for this seasonal treat, anyway.

It doesn’t look like your local grocery store will have this Spam, though. The product will only be available in two online stores— and We have a feeling this item will go fast, so don’t miss out on a (possibly) once-in-a-lifetime treat.

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