Pringles’ Special-Edition Thanksgiving Flavors Sold out in Record Time. But Are They Gone for Good?

This is not a drill. Pringles Thanksgiving flavors are back—but not everyone got a chance to try them.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for family, friends, delicious home-cooked turkey dinners—and, apparently, the new feast-flavored Pringles. That is, if you got them before they sold out.

Thanksgiving Pringles Flavors

You read that right: Thanksgiving Pringles. This year the potato crisp company released a limited-edition set of Pringles called Thanksgiving in a Can. This package included three mini cans of Pringles that mimic Thanksgiving favorites: turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. The set, which cost $14.99, was available exclusively online through the Kellogg company website starting November 6.

A Quick Sell-Out

As some die-hard Pringles fans suspected, the salty chips that taste like nostalgic holiday goodness sounded too good to be true. It turns out that they might have been right. The Pringles sold out. Fast.

When eager buyers head to the link to purchase the Pringles Thanksgiving in a Can sets, they’re met with a discount code and a message that reads, “Yikes! Thanksgiving pack sold out in record time. Shop other faves & get 20% off.”

Needless to say, people haven’t been happy.

We’re hoping Pringles will re-release their new Thanksgiving flavors soon so everyone can get a try. Until then, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner will just have to do.

Taylor Murphy
Taylor is a food, parenting and health writer. When she's not writing about the newest Oreo flavor or her favorite kitchen appliance, she can be found searching for her next coffee fix or taste-testing recipes with her daughter.