Prince Harry is Changing His Diet for the Better—Here’s Why

As if we needed a reason to love this couple more!

Yes, it’s true, Prince Harry enjoyed his tenure on the party circuit—and has always had a soft spot for this traditional British pie. But after having served 10 years in the British Army, rising to Captain and undertaking two tours in Afghanistan, the adorable ginger-haired newlywed is no stranger to living by a strict set of rules, including maintaining a healthy diet and demanding physical training.

That will all come in handy now that he’s married to his love, Meghan Markle. She’s already had an influence on his eating habits (in the best way possible!) by introducing him to her strict (but realistic) regimen!

Meghan’s a healthy living pro

The former Suits star has a super-healthy relationship with food, so much so that while she considers herself a “foodie,” she’s long been following a balanced, healthy diet. During the week, she eats vegan (and here’s why you might want to consider trying a similar plant-based diet yourself).

Meghan also avoids gluten, substitutes green juices for caffeine in the afternoons and always eats breakfast like steel-cut oats with bananas. To keep things balanced, she indulges in the occasional glass of wine and jokingly refers to French fries as its own “food group!” For being a healthy eater, we were pleasantly surprised by some of her favorite foods.

How she inspired her husband

In the weeks leading up to the Royal Wedding, Prince Harry joined Meghan’s healthy lifestyle—including juicing, eating less meat and carbs and eating more healthy vegetables and grains. He also powered up his gym routine and quit smoking. The result? Both he and Meghan looked absolutely fabulous for their trip down the aisle!

Feeling inspired? Eating vegan is easier (and more delicious) than you’d think. Get started with this 7-day vegan meal plan.

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Harry has never felt better

The Duke of Sussex reportedly has never felt better, thanks to Meghan. To stay headed in the right direction, the royal couple plans to maintain a healthy diet. They’re working with nutritionist Gabriela Peacock, and Harry has already become a fan. We’ve also heard rumors that they’re looking to start a family quickly! (Wonder if Meghan will eat what Kate Middleton eats when she’s pregnant.)

“Meghan is a beautiful influence on Harry,” a royal insider told People magazine. Interested in pursuing your own healthy eating plan? You may not have Meghan Markle around, but we’re happy to help! Check out these tips for shopping healthier at the grocery store.

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