Pressed Floral Bouquets Are a Stunning Way to Preserve Life’s Most Special Moments

Updated: May 16, 2023

Transform your cherished blooms into timeless pieces of art with the Pressed Floral trend, extending their beauty for a lifetime.

While traditional wedding gifts like a KitchenAid stand mixer or a fancy espresso machine are fantastic, there are times when a more sentimental gift is desired. Thoughtful ideas are plentiful—consider a monogrammed cheese board or a star map of their wedding night. But for a gift that’s really wow-worthy, Pressed Floral takes the cake.

This trendy brand gained popularity on TikTok and for good reason. Not only do their beautifully framed bouquets serve as unique wedding registry gifts for newlywed couples, but they also preserve flowers from other special occasions, like a milestone birthday party, anniversary or prom boutonniere. Who wouldn’t appreciate a present that is both exquisite and meaningful?

What is Pressed Floral?

Based in Utah, Pressed Floral specializes in preserving floral bouquets. Here’s how the process works: Ship your wedding bouquet within four days of the event for optimal conditions. The skilled experts at Pressed Floral carefully sort through the blooms, selecting the most exquisite petals. Then, they initiate the meticulous process of drying and pressing them. This comprehensive procedure typically takes 12 to 15 weeks from the time you send in your flowers.

The brand claims the preserved bouquets last a lifetime, though they advise the colors may gradually fade over time. Choose from a range of frames, including rustic wood, chic gold or a 3D shadow box. When it’s all said and done, beautifully display the arrangement in your preferred decor style.

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Why We Love It

Beyond the dress and the ceremony, wedding bouquets hold significant sentimental value. Sadly, the flowers often wither within days, leading to their disposal or careless storage. Pressed Floral offers a solution to preserve your bouquet by transforming it into captivating wall art.

Bonus: Even if you’ve already dried your bouquet or missed the opportunity to ship fresh flowers, there’s still a chance to have any arrangement recreated as an anniversary gift. Pressed Floral collaborates with local florists to transform a photograph of your botanicals into a real-life bespoke preservation. No additional shipping costs are required!

But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Customers rave about their results with the service. One happy bride, Tori Taylor, writes. “Having my bouquet preserved by Pressed Floral is my absolute favorite thing I did to commemorate my wedding. My frame is gorgeous and just looking at it takes me back to all the love and emotions of that special day.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about Pressed Floral and their team,” Kaylee Scott writes in her review. “Pressed Floral has recreated that bouquet and boutonnière into pieces that we can cherish forever.”

Where to Buy Pressed Floral

Pressed Floral Bouquet Preservationvia merchant

Purchase a framed preserved bouquet starting at $335 from Pressed Floral’s website. Additionally, they offer a range of affordable custom-made items such as jewelry, art prints and candles starting at just $20. Furthermore, get a gift card if you’re short on time or want your recipient to have the freedom to pick their preferred product. Whichever option you choose, it’s a unique wedding gift couples can treasure for years to come.

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