This is How to Order Sandwiches from Potbelly’s Underground Menu

Read this before you take your lunch break.

Potbelly’s has an underground menu and we are obsessed. It’s basically a secret menu, but it’s company-approved, so you know it’s delicious! Here’s how to order all of their inventive sandwiches.


This spicy sandwich is sure to have your tastebuds singing! Start with multigrain bread, then pile on meatballs, chili, hot peppers and cheddar. Make sure you ask them melt the cheese…and keep some water nearby.

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Wrecking Ball

This monster has just about everything on it. Order hickory smoked ham, turkey breast, roast beef, salami, meatballs and provolone on your multigrain bread. Top it off with marinara sauce, lettuce, mayo and tomato. It’s a meat-lover’s dream concoction!

Lucky 7

This one is packed with almost as much meat as the wrecking ball, with roast beef, salami, pepperoni, capicola, hickory smoked ham, turkey breast, mortadella, melty provolone, lettuce, tomato and mayo stacked between two slices of bread. It’s tough to open your mouth wide enough to take in the deliciousness.

Toasty Turkey BLT

We’re not sure why this is on the secret menu, because we’ll be ordering all of the time. It’s turkey meets a classic BLT with some mayo drizzled on top. It’s simple and delicious!

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California Turkey

This sandwich is so light and fresh you could eat it every day, especially in the summer! Melt cheddar cheese over your pieces of bread. Stuff it with turkey breast, cucumbers and avocado.

Monkey Business

If you love sweet and savory combos, this is the pick for you. Ask for a peanut butter and banana sandwich with bacon. Just trust us on this one.

BONUS: Ice Cream Sandwich

Ask for a scoop (or two!) of vanilla ice cream smooshed between two cookies of your choosing. It makes for the perfect treat!

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