You Can Now Get One of Popeyes Strawberry Biscuits for a Limited Time

Take a look at the fruity twist on a classic Popeyes biscuit.

Beyond Popeyes’ famous slogan, “Love That Chicken From Popeyes” (I mean, really, who can read that without singing the jingle in their head!?), there’s more than one item to love from the beloved chain. There’s the famous chicken, of course, the cajun fries, mashed potatoes and of course, the iconic classic—Popeyes biscuits. Yum, there really is nothing like a fluffy biscuit!

And now, Popeyes has released another biscuit—Strawberry Biscuits. Wait, what? Are they a dessert? Do they go with lunch? Dinner? Breakfast?

We’ll break down exactly what the new Popeyes fruity biscuits are, and how you can enjoy one!

What Are Popeyes Strawberry Biscuits?

The new Strawberry Biscuits offer “a sweet take on those iconic, buttery biscuits y’all know and love,” an official Popeyes press release states. The menu addition is now part of the chain’s dessert menu. This tasty twist takes a classic Popeyes biscuit, fills it with decadent strawberry pieces and tops it with a mouthwatering creamy icing for a dessert that maintains the ideal balance of salt and sweetness.

“The perfect combination of our classic, buttery biscuits and the flavor of ripe, fruity strawberries, Strawberry Biscuits offer a delicious touch of sweetness to any meal,” says Amy Alarcon, Popeyes’ Vice President of Culinary Innovation.

What Other Items Have Been Added to the Popeyes Menu?

Popeyes Family Feast Courtesy PopeyesCourtesy Popeyes

Not only have the new delectable Strawberry Biscuits been added to Popeyes menu, but a new family meal offering has been, as well! The meal offering, called Family Feast, includes six pieces of Popeyes’ classic or spicy signature chicken, two classic or spicy sandwiches, two large sides and four biscuits.

The total feast costs just $29.99. For so many delicious items, it’s a total steal!

Plus, Popeyes fans won’t want to miss out on the fan-favorite Big Box—a previous menu item making a comeback. The Big Box contains either eight-piece chicken nuggets or two pieces of signature bone-in chicken with two regular sides and a biscuit for just $6.99. I mean, we’re running to Popeyes just reading that!

When Are The Biscuits Available?

The scrumptious Strawberry Biscuits are available now at Popeyes nationwide! However, these strawberry treats are only available for a limited time at participating locations. They’ll cost $1.79 each, $2.99 for two or $5.39 for four.

So if you’re looking to try the fruit-flavored biscuit “for a springtime pick-me-up” as the company’s official press release says, you’ll have to get to your nearest Popeyes ASAP! And don’t forget to check out all of Popeyes’ new items, too. Or, try making any of these delicious Popeyes copycat recipes in the comfort of your home.

Popeyes Copycat Recipes to Try
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