Pop-Tarts Cereal Is Making a Comeback!

Pop-Tarts Cereal was introduced—and then discontinued—in the mid-'90s. But it's making a breakfast comeback!

Even though you’re a health-conscious eater now, it’s fun to stroll down memory lane and think about the decidedly unhealthy treats you enjoyed as a kid. (Remember drinking this iconic ’80s soda?) Fans of Pop-Tarts and sugary icing are in for a treat: Pop-Tarts Cereal will be back in 2019!

For nostalgic ’90s kids and cereal lovers, that’s great news.

Here’s Everything We Know

Based on Bustle’s report, it looks like the Pop-Tarts Cereal will come in two flavors: Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Both were part of the original Pop-Tarts Cereal release in 1994, so that checks out. For anyone who wonders how, exactly, cereal can resemble a Pop-Tart, it’s all in the filling. Each cereal piece includes a little bit of that legendary Pop-Tarts filling, now sized perfectly for your spoon.

As Bustle points out, the original Pop-Tarts Cereal was discontinued in 1995, so its return to store shelves should be eagerly anticipated. Look for Pop-Tarts Cereal in early 2019!

Did you hear about the other old-school cereal with a new flavor?

Pop-Tarts Cereal is coming BACK in early 2019, in Strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon. The rumored S’Mores flavor will not be released. 🍓🍫

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Why I Love Pop-Tarts

For my sister and I, having two parents who worked long hours meant eating a lot of packaged foods. (This. This. Definitely this.) We had the house where friends could come over and find the snacks their parents didn’t let them eat. And one of the most commonly forbidden foods for our friends was Pop-Tarts. The way the fruity fillings taste after being toasted, the way the chocolate flavors tasted straight out of the freezer—Pop-Tarts were heaven, plain and simple.

Whether or not you grew up eating Pop-Tarts for breakfast, Pop-Tarts Cereal should be worth a try. The cereal will be at supermarkets in 2019, so try making your own Pop-Tarts or other junk food copycat recipes at home ’til then!

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