Poll: Do You Talk Like You’re From the South or Midwest?

Grab an ice-cold Coke—or a can of pop—and find out where you sound like you're from.

The language of food is more than po-tay-to po-tah-to. Do you talk like a Southerner—with a friendly, laid-back drawl—or are you more likely to have the “non-accent” of the Midwest? (C’mon, no one in the Upper Midwest sounds like Fargo.)

Make a plate of Tater Tot Hot Dish or Best-Ever Fried Chicken, and see whether you sound like you’re from the South or the Midwest:

Doesn’t matter where you’re from—homemade mayonnaise is always tops. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make mayonnaise, straight from our Test Kitchen.

You know what’s even better than Coca-Cola? This CokeCola Cake. It’s so moist and fudgy, no wonder it’s a tasty tradition in Coca-Cola country!

Does thinking about caramel make you hungry? (Same here.) You’re going to want a sticky forkful of our most gooey caramel desserts.

If you’re the kind of person who always takes the slice of cake with the most frosting (or icing), you won’t be able to resist this recipe collection. It has all of our most beautifully frosted cakes, piled high with creamy, sugary goodness.

Doesn’t matter how you slice it—pecan pie is the greatest. (If you don’t agree, you’re nuts!) Here’s our top 10 pecan recipes.

The best slaws are crisp, colorful and chock-full of way more than cabbage. Take a look at our coleslaw recipes before your next potluck or party.

Is there a difference between vegetable oil and canola oil? How about olive oil and coconut oil? For a chef’s look at the top cooking oils (and other cooking fats), you’ll want to bookmark this guide.

The crawdad is a staple in Cajun cooking. You can cook crawfish much like you’d cook lobster—boiled and then served with potatoes and corn. You’ll want to add some spicy Cajun seasoning for the most authentic Louisiana taste, though.

Put your syrup on our best-ever pancake recipes. (Prefer to flip store-bought flapjacks? See the results of our pancake mix taste test!)

For more Southern food-inspired content, you know you’re from the South if you’ve made (or eaten!) these recipes. For folks in the Midwest, see how many apps, dinners and desserts you can check off this list!

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