6 Genius Hacks We Learned During 2021’s Polar Vortex

Whether you're used to 95 inches of snow every winter (lookin' at you, Buffalo!) or your weather is unexpectedly severe, it's time to come together and help each other.

To follow the unprecedented year that was 2020, it seems that 2021 has some twists of its own. While Midwestern states had a polar vortex with freezing temperatures back in 2019, this year is much different. Southern states have been hit with snow and cold like never before.

People are coming to the rescue with hacks that could make this year’s polar vortex a bit more bearable. These videos are worth checking out if you’re in the middle of some cold and nasty weather no matter where you live.

1. Cook over Your Fireplace

@bandobreeeeThe fact that Texas has us on a rotation electricity schedule.. not built for this pt2 #dallas #texassnow #fyp #dallasnow♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

With electricity out for a large part of the state, Texans have had to use any and all resources. That might mean grilling burgers in your fireplace (carefully, of course!). Way to use your noggin!

2. DIY a Snowplow

This man is a genius! He straps an old TV box to the front of his riding lawnmower and creates his own snowplow.

3. Treat Your Windshield Right

@scottykilmerofficialWhy not to pour hot water on your windshield in the winter #scottykilmer #cars #mechanic #winter #hotwater♬ original sound – Scotty Kilmer

If you’re currently in a state like Texas where you’re not used to getting ice on your car, don’t pour hot water to get rid of the ice. You could crack your windshield! Plastic scrapers are best, but you can use your credit card in a pinch, too.

4. Melt Snow to Get Water

Along with power outages, many are experiencing burst pipes and water issues. If you’ve got snow outside, use it to your advantage! Pile some clean snow in a pot and boil it to have water to drink, do dishes or wash your hands.

5. Channel Your Inner Mom

@katnguyen89That sigh in the end 🥰 #momhack #dallassnow #2021snow #texassnowstorm2021 #toddlersoftiktok #over30♬ original sound – Kat Nguyen

Does this remind anyone of wearing bread bags inside their boots in winter?

6. Try to Have Some Fun

@thaliaahrwhen u dont have electricity lol #fyp #funny #mexicansbelike #texasweather #texassnow #texashumor #mexican #poweroutage♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

While the power may be out, that doesn’t mean this family isn’t still going to have some fun. By hooking up a power tool to the bottom of their blender, looks like there’s always time for a refreshing fruit smoothie.

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