Play-Doh Is Releasing Two New Playsets and We’re OBSESSED

Pizza? Popcorn? Yes to both! Play-Doh will keep your little chef busy with two brand-new playsets.

Play-Doh has been a part of our childhood since its release in 1955. (See all the food-related vintage toys that might look familiar.) Since then, plenty of toys have been a flash in the pan. But later this year, Play-Doh is set to release the Stamp ‘n Top Pizza and Popcorn Party playsets, and whew, is that a mouthful. (No pun intended.) Even if they’re not something you can actually eat, we all know better than to turn it down when a toddler proudly hands you a Play-Doh creation.

Have a Play-Doh Popcorn Party

The popcorn Play-Doh featured in the Popcorn Party product image looks good enough to eat. (We advise you not to actually do that, though.) Your little chef can get as creative as he or she wants, customizing popcorn buckets as if they’re running their own movie theater. The popcorn buckets range from small to large, so don’t be afraid to supersize your order. The playset includes cookie and chocolate bar molds as well as a popcorn scoop, and even the amount of butter your child uses is entirely up to them.

If they’d like to add a sweeter kick to their Play-Doh popcorn, a doughy chocolate sauce is included. We’ve never had that on our popcorn, but we’re willing to give any popcorn a try.

kid playing with play-dohCourtesy Play-Doh

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Or Grab a Slice Instead!

Now this is a personal pizza. The Play-Doh Stamp ‘n Top Pizza oven lets your li’l cook create their own dough and add all sorts of toppings. Plus, the pizzas are tiny and adorable, and everyone loves mini munchies. The pint-sized pizzeria comes with what looks like a brick oven, a “cheese” grinder, an oven paddle and a pizza cutter.

We don’t know about you, but we could make Play-Doh pizzas all day.

girl playing with play-dohCourtesy Play-Doh

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There’s No Better Gift

Play-Doh won’t be officially releasing the Stamp ‘n Top Pizza and Popcorn Party playsets until sometime this fall. There’s no word on the date yet, but we recommend keeping an eye out for these. Besides being hours of fun, the playsets won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Each set is priced at $19.99, meaning you could get both for your little ones for less than $50. Play-Doh is meant for kids 3 and up, but when the kiddos aren’t looking, you can get your popcorn and pizza party on. We don’t blame you, we’re tempted to buy them for ourselves!

Here’s our favorite Play-Doh set to hold you over till fall. (Psst: There’s bacon.)

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