This Pizza Vending Machine Exists Now, and People in Italy Have Thoughts

This pizza vending machine will knead dough, add toppings and bake a pizza in about three minutes. Seriously!

One of the greatest things about modern society is convenience. There’s almost nothing we can’t do with the click of a button. It’s crazy to think that just a few decades ago, having mini computers in our pockets were a futuristic anomaly that seemed straight out of science fiction! But sometimes we have to stop and think, between the Uber rides and Google searches, does science ever go too far?

Some Rome residents certainly felt that way about this pizza vending machine. Yes—a pizza vending machine. Just when you thought you’d seen it all!

What Is a Pizza Vending Machine?

You may still be reeling from the fact that pizza vending machines exist now. I feel the same way! But you will be equally as surprised by what this vending machine can do. It makes each pizza from scratch! It starts by kneading the dough, topping with selected ingredients and baking it all together. You can choose from four different personal pizza topping options: margherita, four cheese, spicy salame and pancetta.

The amount time it takes to finish all the steps? Just three minutes. What a world we live in!

However, reviews from the machine are mixed at best. According to The Takeout, one retiree named Gina says, “It’s OK but it’s not pizza. Terrible. Pizza really needs to be eaten hot, immediately. This doesn’t work for me.” And other person, Claudio, says, “It looks good but it is much smaller than in a restaurant and there is less topping.”

Well, OK—it’s not perfect. But still! This is exciting stuff.

Where Can I Find One?

Currently, the only pizza vending machine is in Rome. Makes sense, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine them starting out anywhere else for their first run. Does that mean they’ll make it over to the States? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll be in our kitchens whipping up some classic homemade pizza from scratch. Don’t forget about the amazing pizza dough!

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