Pizza Hut Is Closing up to 500 Dine-In Locations

It's sad but true: Pizza Hut will be closing hundreds of its dine-in locations. So what's next for the beloved pizza chain?

During a road trip or even on a lunch break, Pizza Hut’s iconic red roof is a welcome sign. This means the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, complete with creamy pastas and fresh salads. And don’t even get us started on the pure, cheesy goodness of stuffed crust! Maybe dessert is your favorite, and Pizza Hut’s mini Cinnabon rolls stole your heart.

Despite all the happy memories we have of sitting in a Pizza Hut booth and chowing down on a slice of ‘za, there’s bad news. Pizza Hut is closing down some of its dine-in locations. We aren’t ready to say goodbye to one of our favorite pizza chains.

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Does this mean no more Pizza Hut?

Thankfully, no! Although Pizza Hut is planning to close up to 500 dine-in stores, there are still thousands of stores that will remain open. The number of Pizza Hut locations may fall to 7,000 in the next two years. Some of these will be full-service dine-in restaurants while others will be Pizza Hut Express locations.

Basically, what we’re hearing is that we might need to take more of a trek, but we can still get our hands on a slice or two from Pizza Hut. If you’re feeling nostalgic, visit the Pizza Hut museum on Wichita State’s campus in Kansas.

What’s Pizza Hut going to do next?

In the future, Pizza Hut will start focusing on carryout and delivery systems. Pizza Hut now delivers through GrubHub, so you can get delicious pizza without leaving your house. Although we’re sad this era of Pizza Hut is partly coming to a close, we’re excited to see changes this chain will bring.

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