Move Over Peppermint—Pizza Candy Canes Are Here for the Holidays

Looking for a quirky stocking stuffer? Try a box of pizza candy canes!

Peppermint candy canes are a classic holiday treat. The red and white stripes immediately bring us holiday cheer! They make a great treat on their own, and you can also get creative by making candy cane reindeer or chocolate-dipped candy canes. You might usually associate candy canes with sweet, minty desserts, but this treat is completely different.

Ready for a savory candy cane? Archie McPhee’s pizza candy canes are just one unusual gift for pizza lovers!

What do pizza candy canes taste like?

Well, Archie McPhee describes this product saying “each cane is a little slice of heaven.” This sounds tasty, but it doesn’t give us too many hints about the flavor. There’s a smiling cartoon pepperoni pizza repping the product. This could mean the candy canes are pepperoni-flavored, or it could just be a combination of cheese and tomato sauce flavors. It looks like we’ll just have to sample the candy canes ourselves!

If pizza isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of weird candy cane flavors to sample. Archie McPhee also makes macaroni and cheese candy canes, rotisserie chicken candy canes and more. It’s never too early to think about holiday treats or gifts, and at least one odd candy cane flavor will be on our list this year.

Where can I buy pizza candy canes?

To snag a pack of these unique candy canes, you can visit the website. Right now, they’re on sale for $5.50! You can usually buy them for $6.50, which is still a steal. A box comes with six candy canes, so share ’em with your friends and have them join in the fun.

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