Pillsbury’s Next Cookie Dough Is PACKED with Oreo Pieces

It's basically a cookie inside of a cookie!

Wow, do I love cookies. All kinds of cookies. I’m here for of peanut butter cookies, gingerbread cookies and definitely, definitely Oreo cookies. Eating an after-school snack with my mom when I was younger is one of my fondest memories, so it’s no wonder this tasty treat is dear to my heart.

Pillsbury offers a plethora of amazing dessert options, but this brand loves cookies, too. That’s why I’m honored to tell you about their latest creation: cookie dough with Oreo pieces!

This Dough Is Heaven for Oreo Fans

This is Pillsbury’s newest ready-to-bake cookie dough. It’s all cookies and cream goodness, cut into equal-sized pieces and ready to bake to perfection. This dough is absolutely loaded with Oreo pieces—and it’s also stamped with a seal that says “Safe to Eat Raw.” That’s double the cookie bang for your buck!

As many of us already know, eating cookie dough raw usually isn’t safe, even though I know we all wish it was. That’s why Pillsbury has become the hero of this story—by creating cookie dough that is safe to eat raw. How can we even begin to thank them for such a great feat? I am grateful after every bite I take.

Where to Find This Cookie Dough

The cookies come in a package of 12 giant precut squares that you can either plop down on a baking sheet or right into your mouth. Sounds like a win-win to me. On Instagram, @candyhunting reported seeing them at Hy-Vee, but we expect this dough to be at most major chains soon. Like their Confetti Sugar Cookie counterparts, we expect to find them for around $4 a pack.

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