Pillsbury Is Selling Unicorn and Galaxy Funfetti Cake Flavors

There's no question—cakes are way more fun when they're Funfetti!

Funfetti sure knows how to party! In addition to the colorful classic mix, celebrations like Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Fourth of July have been made easier with seasonal cake mix and frosting. Last year, Pillsbury introduced two permanent Funfetti flavors since the original launched more than 30 years ago. Here’s why we still can’t get enough.

Is Funfetti the best confetti cake mix?

Flavor #1: Unicorn Funfetti

Celebrations of all kinds—birthdays, baby showers, Wednesdays—are about to get more fun thanks to the new Unicorn Funfetti cake mix. It’s not quite the two-tier unicorn cake at Sam’s Club, but this bake-your-own unicorn cake mix and frosting set delivers all the rainbow goodness you need. The strawberry-flavored cake is speckled with yellow and purple candy pieces, and the matching vanilla frosting is topped with purple and pink unicorns, yellow stars and a mix of pink, purple and blue sprinkles. Magical!

Learn how to make your own unicorn cake at home with this recipe.

Flavor #2: Galaxy Funfetti

3, 2, 1, blastoff! The Galaxy Funfetti set comes with yellow mix and “Space Blue” frosting. Launched in honor of the moon landing’s 50th anniversary in 2019, the cake mix features green, blue and purple confetti candy bits. The galaxy theme comes to life with a mix of sprinkles shaped like yellow stars, orange moons and gray spaceships.

Where You Can Find the Cake Mix

The Unicorn Funfetti and Galaxy Funfetti mixes can both be found grocery stores across the country, though you’ll have the best luck at Target for the Unicorn mix. The Galaxy mix is available via Instacart, but don’t be afraid to keep an eye out at the grocery store for this alien flavor. Both mixes retail for $1.39—a low price for a treat your sweet tooth deserves.

Here’s our guide on making a confetti cake from scratch. Happy baking!

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