Pillsbury’s Turkey Sugar Cookies Are Back Just in Time for Thanksgiving

Bake up these Thanksgiving-inspired sugar cookies for a perfect after-dinner treat.

Since the holidays are coming up, we’re all about the best seasonal cookies. Nestle gives us the gift of nostalgia with their adorable Grinch cookies (complete with a little red heart), and Pepperidge Farm just released their first new cookie in over a decade.

But our favorite is Pillsbury’s premade sugar cookies, hands down. Something about those chewy little medallions with their seasonal designs wins us over. Now, they’re finally back in stores and ready to sweeten up Thanksgiving.

Your Favorite Holiday Cookie Returns

We love all kinds of Pillsbury cookies, but you have to admit there’s just something about pre-cut sugar cookies. If you haven’t had them yet, they’re a must-try for any season, sweetening up holidays from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. They even made Buddy the Elf cookies last year.

Pillsbury is setting your dessert table for you with 24 cookies featuring an adorable, baked-in turkey fit for any Thanksgiving-themed decor. They’re ready to bake, which means this dessert requires the bare minimum of effort. Throw them on your favorite cookie sheet, toss them in the oven and enjoy the best part of the holidays in 10-12 minutes. These Pillsbury cookies couldn’t get any sweeter!

Pillsbury’s Pumpkin Spice Rolls are the ideal guilty pleasure for fall.

It’s Almost Time to Start Baking

Pillsbury turkey sugar cookies were already spotted at Meijer, and they should be making their way into more major retailers soon. Take a look around the refrigerated cookie section at your local grocery store—you can’t miss ’em. You can also find them on Pillsbury’s website.

They’re as budget-friendly as they are delicious, and if the previous packages are anything to go by, you can grab a box for just $2.50. Pro Tip: If you wait a day or two after the holidays, they usually sell for $1. As someone who eats these cookies at least twice a year every year, you can trust me.

We're Grateful for Tasty Cookies This Year
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