Pillsbury Is Selling Pull-Apart Bites That Taste Exactly Like Monkey Bread

Pull-Apart Bites = monkey bread in a box.

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We’ve been relying on canned biscuit dough forever to make irresistible monkey bread in a snap. And now Pillsbury has made things even easier for home cooks with its Pull-Apart Bites kits. You’ll find everything you need to make the family’s favorite at-home brunch treat, all in one box.

This is easily the best Pillsbury news since we heard about Peaches & Cream cinnamon rolls!

Is It Really Monkey Bread in a Box?

Yes! Plus, Pillsbury has a savory variety of Pull-Apart Bite, too: garlic butter. We can picture a gooey loaf of monkey bread for a leisurely weekend breakfast or the garlic butter bread being served at an impromptu pasta party with the family.

This was recently spotted in Walmart’s refrigerated section by Instagrammer @foodiewiththebeasts. It appears each box contains a tube of dough and a sauce packet that’s enough to make eight servings. All you need is to provide the pan (and a little elbow grease)!

Where to Find the Pull-Apart Bites

Walmart has Pull-Apart Bites listed on its site but it doesn’t look they’re in stock near us quite yet. But we’re keeping our eyes open for them at local retailers on Instacart and on Target.com.

Don’t fret, though. If you’re able to get a can of biscuit dough online or via curbside pickup or delivery and have a few basic pantry ingredients, you’re good to go. Use up that bunch of bananas in a dessert-like Banana Monkey Bread or raid your spice rack to make buttery Sesame Herb Pull-Apart Bread.

This Is Every Way to Make Monkey Bread
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