No Morning is Complete Without These New Pillsbury Mini Cinni Stix

The deliciousness of a Pillsbury cinnamon roll all wrapped up into one perfect, portable package.

When it comes to oven-baked sweet treats, no one seems to do it quite like Pillsbury. Whether it’s a seasonal delight like these Halloween sugar cookies, a savory side dish like these cornbread rolls or just a famous classic like their breakfast-favorite cinnamon rolls, they’ve got something for everyone to enjoy! And the best part? They just can’t stop surprising us with amazing new products! This time, they’ve added something new, but familiar, to the mix.

Get Your Kicks With These New Pillsbury Mini Cinni Stix 

Yes, you read that correctly. Mini cinnamon sticks! The enticing beauty and undeniable taste of a cinnamon roll has now been unrolled and rearranged into something totally new.

While a regular carton of cinnamon rolls has about 8 individual rolls, according to the Mini Cinni Stix package, there are 24 per carton. That’s a LOT of cinnamon goodness! And to add to the deliciousness factor, each carton comes with Pillsbury’s signature cinnamon icing. Truly, the perfect spice for the fall season!

What makes these little guys so great is their share-a-bility. Whether you’re having a small Halloween party with your close friends and family, or just hanging out with your significant other with a giant bowl of popcorn and an extensive line-up of horror movies, these sticks are too good to ignore. Bake ’em up, plate ’em up and serve ’em up! They make a perfect after-dinner dessert.

Where Can You Find Them?

They’ve most recently been spotted at Walmart, but we just know they’re going to be making their rounds to all major retailers soon enough. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have these beauties stocked on their shelves? Next time you’re out shopping, peruse the refrigerated baked goods, and you might be one lucky duck!

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