Pillsbury’s New Cookie Dough Is PACKED with Lucky Charms Marshmallows

Lucky Charms cookie dough is magically delicious!

Winter is made for soft, oven-baked cookies and warming up by the fireplace. Fortunately, Pillsbury is always serving up a fresh batch of something cozy. They really stepped it up for Christmas, rolling out hot cocoa cookie dough and mean, green Grinch cookie dough based on the classic holiday film. With all this goodness, there’s only one more thing we could possibly ask for…

What if you wanted to savor the taste of your favorite cereal and your favorite cookie at the same time? Now you can! Pillsbury just rolled out Lucky Charms cookie dough, and it’s as sweet and magical as can be.

Will There Be Hearts, Stars and Horseshoes?

Yes! Lucky Charms cookie dough is a gift from the Pillsbury Doughboy himself. Every package includes 12 big cookies featuring classic marshmallow shapes, like hearts, rainbows, blue moons, horseshoes and Lucky’s iconic clover-leaf hat. Each bite of these delightful cookies is so packed with Lucky Charms marshmallows, like your breakfast is straight out of the oven.

There’s enough for sharing (or keeping all to yourself), and these are definitely worth baking for your family’s Christmas movie marathon. We couldn’t be more excited to give Lucky Charms cookie dough a try.

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But It’s Only Here for a Limited Time

If you want to get your hands on Lucky Charms cookie dough, move fast. It’s limited edition, so it won’t be in stores for long. Right now, you can snag a package from Walmart for $2.50. It’s not listed online at Target, but we’re hoping these bad boys will be popping up at other retailers, too. Don’t miss out on Pillsbury’s best new flavor (that’s our opinion), and get to the end of the rainbow for your batch of Lucky Charms cookies!

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