Pillsbury Grands Strawberry & Cream Cinnamon Rolls Are BACK

Pillsbury Grands just brought back ooey-gooey and oh, so sweet Strawberry & Cream Cinnamon Rolls. (Pardon us if we drool.)

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Who doesn’t love that fresh-baked cinnamon-y scent wafting through the house? Plus–they’re so tender and gooey when you tear into one. To make things even better, Pillsbury has brought back our favorite limited-edition flavor: Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls with Strawberry & Cream Flavored Icing.

They’re the Best Thing About Breakfast

Like the standard Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls, they come ready to bake in easy-to-open tubes. But they’re strawberry-flavored…and the cream cheese icing is baby-pink!

The return of the rolls was announced by Instagram foodie @CandyHunting, who couldn’t wait to share this sweet find with fans.

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Refrigerator cinnamon rolls make the perfect base for 9 amazing desserts and breakfasts, so imagine what you could do with these Strawberry & Cream flavored babies. If we’re being honest, we’re going to start with our recipe for Cinnamon Cherry Cobbler. It’s easy to imagine using the Strawberry & Cream rolls as the base and trying out a variation where we swap the cherry pie filling in favor of strawberry.

Of course, that leads us to thoughts of topping the whole thing with this Delicious Chocolate Sauce and, heck, why not…this simply perfect Sweet Whipped Cream? Okay, now we’re hungry. Bring on the Grands!

Where to Find ‘Em

We don’t know exactly how long this limited edition version of Pillsbury Grands will be available. What we do know is where you can buy them right now at Walmart for a budget-friendly $3.78.

We’re super-excited to sample the Strawberry & Cream flavor, but nothing beats homemade. See our best cinnamon roll recipes below!

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