Pillsbury Is Selling Cornbread and We’re Making It for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

It's time to bring some Southern style to the table.

The best part of summer has to be BBQ dinners. I remember sitting around in the backyard with friends and family while that tasty smoke from my dad’s famous BBQ ribs rose into the air. Meanwhile, my mom was in the kitchen whipping up enough of her delicious coleslaw to feed 25 people. But my favorite part of grilling out was the cornbread. Honestly, I could eat cornbread for every meal.

Well, baking up that Southern staple is now 10 times faster, thanks to Pillsbury’s Cornbread Swirls!

Yes, It’s the Perfect Addition to Any Meal

I may not be from the South, but the Midwest knows a thing or two about corn. Growing up, cornbread was part of many meals and Jiffy Mix could always be found in the pantry. I love cornbread because it’s fluffy, savory and just the right amount of sweet. Whether it’s a cornbread loaf or muffin, I’ll take two, please!

We’ve always been able to rely on Pillsbury for ready-to-bake products, like their Grands cinnamon rolls and cookie dough. Now, they’ve started making another tubed wonder: cornbread.

Each package contains six precut swirls just ready to be popped out of the tube and into the oven. No need to unroll the dough, just preheat your oven to 375° F, place each swirl into a muffin pan and let them bake for 13-17 minutes. How easy is that? You’ll be feeding the whole family in no time!

Where to Find the Pillsbury Cornbread

Currently, the Cornbread Swirls are available at major retailers, such as Walmart, Food Lion, Acme and a plethora of other grocery chains. Check the refrigerated aisle of your supermarket, right by those delicious crescent rolls. When you find the Pillsbury cornbread, grab a couple tubes. Or 10. It’s basically heaven on earth!

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