Pillsbury Is Making Cinnamon Bun Cake Mix and Frosting Just in Time for the Holidays

Q: What's warm and toasty—and perfect for the holidays? A: This!

Pillsbury is on a roll in 2020! Not too long ago, we heard about Filled Crescents that taste exactly like a slice of pie, and Mini Cinni Stix that won’t last more than a few minutes out of the oven. Now, Pillsbury has done it again.

This holiday season, the well-loved baking brand is bringing even more magic to our home kitchens. Pillsbury has brought back its Cinnamon Bun Cake Mix and Cinnamon Bun Frosting for the holidays.

Why Do People Love the Cinnamon Bun Flavor?

It’s because this cake mix tastes like a cinnamon bun. Seriously—fans of this limited edition flavor want it to become a permanent part of the Pillsbury lineup!

If you love the taste (and let’s be honest—the smell) of warm, gooey cinnamon rolls, Pillsbury’s Cinnamon Bun Cake Mix makes a warm and cozy holiday dessert. It’s made with real cinnamon and pudding, so anything you decide to bake up with this mix will come out moist and flavorful.

Don’t forget the frosting! The Cinnamon Bun Frosting comes in a 16-oz. tub. We recommend spreading it on top of freshly baked cookies and cakes for a melty, cinnamon bun-inspired glaze. You can also eat it straight off the spoon. (We won’t judge.)

Where Can I Find Them?

These limited edition Pillsbury cinnamon bun-inspired products are available at ShopRite, Food Lion, Walmart and other major retailers through January 2021, so stock up when you see ’em!

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