This $6 Pickle Picker Is the Tool Pickle Lovers Never Knew They Needed

You'll never have to stick your hand in pickle juice again.

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As a pickle-obsessed foodie, nothing satisfies my salty cravings more than a nice cold pickle or pickle-flavored foods. Some people are obsessed with sweets or coffee. But for me, it’s pickles.

When I heard about a pickle picker, courtesy of fellow pickle lovers on TikTok, I knew I had to get my hands on it. After all, why use a boring ‘ole fork when you can have fun with a genius Amazon gadget?

What is a pickle picker?

Also known as a pickle pincher, a pickle picker is basically a fancy fork. It’s an eight-inch plastic stick that contains claw-like prongs for grabbing pickles. Similar to how a syringe works (poor example, I know), the top pushes down to release the prongs.

At just $6 a pop, a pickle picker is an odd but useful Amazon kitchen product that saves fingers from getting drenched in pickle juice. Shoppers love that it also works for olives and other juicy condiments.

Why are pickle pickers trending?

Simply put, the pickle picker is trending because the internet is obsessed with fun Amazon tools that make life easier—and so are we. #PicklePincher on TikTok has amassed 3.6 million views.

It’s become a “controversial” TikTok made me buy it gadget as some viewers make fun of the fact that you can save the $6 and just use a fork. Clearly, they’re not true pickle lovers because only the pickle-obsessed know a fork isn’t nearly as fun. See for yourself in this satisfying TikTok video from @carrieberkk.

How We Tested It

To put this genius Amazon kitchen gadget to the test, I picked up a jar of my favorite dill pickles from the store and got to pinching. Conveniently, I had just finished off a jar of pickles, so I put it to the test with a fresh jar swimming with pickles. I practiced pressing the stick-like device to get my technique down. Turns out, you have to keep the top part pressed down to secure your pickle, and the further you press down, to longer the prongs become.

Pickle jar in hand, I slightly pressed down on the picker and stuck it into a pickle. I didn’t stick it in hard enough though, so it immediately fell off the tool. Going in for round two, I made sure not to be shy with the pickle and success! My pickle was ready to eat with the pickle pincher, and my fingers didn’t get an ounce of pickle juice on them.

Pickle Picker Product Features

The eight-inch pickle picker is made of durable plastic and stainless steel prongs. Funny enough, the prongs look exactly like a hair massager. Except instead of being used to massage, it’s used to capture pickles. The prongs extend a few inches to get hard to reach pickles, olives or beets out of a jar. You control the length of the prongs, so the deeper the pickle in the jar, the longer it needs to extend.


  • Affordable price point
  • Keeps fingers from getting drenched in pickle juice
  • Fun to use
  • Solves an everyday problem
  • Works for olives and other juicy toppings


  • Not a pretty Amazon kitchen gadget
  • If you don’t stick it hard enough into a pickle, the pickle will fall off
  • Works just as well as a fork

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

close up of pickle picker holding onto a picklevia merchant

Shoppers and big time pickle fans love that this tool solves an everyday problem, i.e. getting pickle juice all over your fingers. Here’s what other reviewers had to say:

“This is now the only way to take pickles, olives, or any other condiment out of a jar,” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Lisa. “No one wants to get their fingers wet in a food jar and no one wants to eat what’s under fingernails so this item is a win-win.”

amanda cason, a verified Amazon reviewer, adds, “I’m actually considering getting a couple for people as gifts. They are better quality than I thought they would be. Bonus: the prongs look like little wolverine claws so you can grab a pickle and pretend to be an X-men in one fell swoop!”

“This tool is the only thing that separates us from the animals,” shares verified Amazon reviewer, Heather Garrett. “Before having this, I tried to scoop out pickles with a fork like a peasant. But now I can show my face in the neighborhood and hold my head high.”

Final Verdict

The pickle picker from Amazon is officially my new favorite kitchen find. I was surprised at how strong the tool is when picking up large dill pickles. And I was able to eat the pickles right off the pincher. Sure, a fork works just as well. But why settle for ordinary kitchen tool when you can have fun with a device quite literally made for pickle lovers?

Where to Buy the Pickle Picker

Toh Comm Pickle Picker Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Treat yourself, or the pickle lover in your life, to a pickle pincher by heading over to Amazon where it goes for $6 a pop. You’ll never use a fork or knife again thanks to this little wonder.

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