This Pickle Juice Margarita Is the Perfect Salty Summer Drink

Is there anything you can't do with pickle juice?

It’s nearly time to pull out all our outdoor plans for summer. Whether it’s going to the beach, watching a baseball game or relaxing in the yard with friends, there’s always something to enjoy. But it’s no fun going empty-handed, you know? You need a cold summer sipper to make your good day even better.

I recommend learning how to make margaritas from scratch, so you can mix up a pickle juice margarita!

Why Should I Put Pickle Juice in My Margarita?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we put salt on the rim of our margarita glasses? Yes, it’s tasty, but it’s also there for another reason. The saltiness helps intensify the sweet and sour flavors in a margarita, and therefore our experience becomes even more delicious! Who doesn’t want that?

Pickle juice works in the same way. If you’ve ever made your own pickles, you know that you need a good amount of salt. Adding a splash of pickle brine a margarita recipe amps up the flavor in the best way possible.

How to Make a Pickle Juice Margarita

Now you might be thinking…is it a whole jar of pickle juice? Don’t worry, it’s only a bit!

First, pick your go-to margarita recipe. There’s classic lime, cherry and even jalapeno-grapefruit (this one would work perfectly). While making your margarita, add a splash of pickle juice to your recipe. Just remember that the more you add, the saltier the drink becomes.

It sounds a bit odd, but don’t knock it until you try it. Make this the year you try things outside your comfort zone. And always add a few frozen margaritas in there, too, just for good measure.

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