Disney Has a Peter Pan-Inspired Dole Whip Float, Complete with a Chocolate Feather

This is no ordinary Dole whip! Find out what goes into Disney's Peter Pan Dole whip float.

Disney has treated us to so many behind-the-scenes looks at recipes from all over Disney World. Of course, Disney is famous for more than its animation and parks—but there’s a devoted fan base for its food, too! The most iconic might be Dole whip, but churros and Mickey Mouse pretzels are also popular for a good reason.

It seems like Disney just can’t stop sharing treats, and the Peter Pan Dole whip float might be the best of them all!

What’s a Dole Whip Float?

If you follow the Disney Food Blog, you might already know about the Dole whip float. But this is a good reminder that it’s back and has been spotted at Storybook Treats in Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

Instead of the usual sunny yellow Dole whip, bursting with pineapple flavor, this Dole whip float is pale green, tastes like lime and gets topped with a generous splash of Sprite. What makes it a Peter Pan float? The feather in its proverbial cap—OK, that translates to a red chocolate feather garnish.

How to Recreate the Magic Kingdom at Home

Disney has recently reopened Disney World. But if you’re not ready for an in-person visit quite yet, don’t worry. You can still take a trip from the comfort of your home with these virtual Disney rides and the “Happily Ever After” fireworks show from Magic Kingdom.

And while no one has officially shared the recipe for the Dole Whip float, we bet you can concoct a pretty close approximation using the Dole Whip recipe and substituting lime juice for pineapple juice. Don’t forget the splash of Sprite!

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