Pepsi Just Launched a ‘S’mores Collection’ and Honestly, We Want S’more

You can now mix chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker Pepsi to make s'mores Pepsi.

The Coke vs. Pepsi debate rages on. Coke recently came out with Coca-Cola Starlight, which, unfortunately, does not taste like space—just like starry Pepsi—and Coca-Cola Dreamworld, which, unsurprisingly, does not taste like dreams. Pepsi used to prefer more tangible twists, like Pepsi Mango and Nitro Pepsi; or even the classic twist of Pepsi with milk back in the 70s.

Now someone at Pepsi seems determined to beat Coca-Cola in the unusual flavors department. And no, we’re not talking about Pepsi Nutmeg or Peeps Pepsi—even if it is one of Pepsi’s more surprising flavors.

There’s a new trio of flavors inspired by s’mores, that classic campfire treat. Yes, Pepsi made three different flavored colas—one chocolate, one marshmallow and one graham cracker-flavored!

What Does Pepsi S’mores Taste Like?

I’m a huge s’mores fan, since chocolate and marshmallow are two of my favorite flavors ever. I like to char my marshmallows exterior, but keep the inside creamy and gooey. Pepsi sent me a 7.5-ounce can of each flavor, and of course, I had to try all three, first separately and then mixed together.

Ready? Let’s go camping.

Graham Cracker Pepsi Review

Graham crackers are my least favorite part of a real s’more, so I figured I’d like the graham cracker Pepsi the least. Boy, was I wrong! First off, there’s an actual pleasant baked goods smell. And it tastes really good! The Pepsi is imbued with that sweet, familiar taste of graham crackers, and somehow it works. It was by far my favorite of the three.

Marshmallow Pepsi Review

I moved on to marshmallow, feeling pretty positive about this taste test. Marshmallows are one of my favorite snacks—I’ve been known to order a toasted marshmallow latte at coffeehouses, and my best friend once sent me a box of personalized marshmallows from Boomf, Kate Middleton’s brother’s company. Sadly, I didn’t love the taste of the marshmallow Pepsi. It was kind of like Pepsi flavored with a mix of plastic and burning. My marshmallow-loving self was saddened.

Chocolate Pepsi Review

OK, chocolate. Good ol’ chocolate wouldn’t let me down, right? Plus, this isn’t even the first Pepsi cocoa cola. The chocolate Pepsi had a very accurate scent, kind of like a freshly made cup of cocoa, only cold. And yes, the taste was what I’d expect from a cola tinged with chocolate—it reminded me of Canfield’s Diet Chocolate Fudge soda, which is a throwback beverage you love or hate.

If you like the idea of chocolate soda, and I do, you’ll savor the chocolate Pepsi. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the graham cracker version.

Final Thoughts

The whole point of a s’more is to smash the three tastes together. So I did, mixing some of each flavor in a glass. And believe it or not, it worked! I think the mixed flavor actually tasted better than either the marshmallow or the chocolate Pepsi tasted alone, though not as good as the graham cracker Pepsi. If I didn’t know it was supposed to taste like s’mores, I probably couldn’t identify its flavor, but it had an agreeable, sweet, Pepsi-with-a-twist taste. This might be my favorite new way to make s’mores. Pepsi chemists, you did it!

Where Can I Buy Pepsi S’mores?

Here’s the bad news. Not everyone can get the s’mores Pepsi, because these limited-edition flavors are not sold in stores. BYou have to win your chance to drink a s’more. Through September 27 at 11:59 p.m. ET, fans should follow Pepsi on social media, then share an image or description of “how they s’more” on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #PepsiSmores and #Sweepstakes.

I hope you win, because the Pepsi s’mores collection might be my favorite weird cola concoction ever. We need s’more like this.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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