New Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola Tastes Just Like Chocolate, Marshmallows and Soda

Sorry, hot cocoa bombs—we're drinking Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola in the new year.

It used to be that cola flavors didn’t get much more wild than Cherry Coke. Now we have Coca-Cola with Coffee in flavors like vanilla and caramel as well as cinnamon-spiked Pepsi Fire. (Fingers crossed we’ll see it back next summer!)

The latest bubbly curiosity to roll out is unexpected yet seasonal. This past week, Pepsi asked fans on Twitter if they’d like a taste of their latest creation: Pepsi that tastes exactly like everyone’s favorite wintry beverage. That’s right—Pepsi Cocoa Cola!

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What Is Pepsi Cocoa Cola?

While this new product introduction is being framed as a contest, the brand announced they would be launching the new flavor in January 2021 if they got 2,021 retweets. (We’re onto you, Pepsi.) However, we have a sneaking suspicion that Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola will be on the horizon regardless of social media success. We’re not the only ones who detect a certain similarity with the name of Pepsi’s rival. Maybe that’s why the soda brand is using quotation marks around “Cocoa.”

The new cola promises to taste like a blend of hot chocolate with a hint of marshmallow mixed with Pepsi for a soda that will appeal to both Pepsi lovers and chocolate lovers. While we can’t preview the taste just yet, we can’t help but wonder how Pepsi has managed to mix in rich, creamy chocolate with carbonated soda. Then again, they’ve surprised us before!

When Can I Find Pepsi Cocoa Cola?

For now, we’re in the dark regarding the exact release date, but we should be getting details soon via the Pepsi Twitter account. Clearly, this is a winter beverage, so we’re guessing the new soda will hit shelves sometime in the first few months of the new year. Once it’s out, it should be available at retailers that usually carry Pepsi products, but likely for only a limited time—that means you’ll have to move quickly for a taste.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve got a hankerin’ for Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola!

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