People Are Spinning Their Peanut Butter to Make It Look Like a Brand-New Jar

You want to have the lid sealed, of course.

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TikTok has emerged as a bright spot during quarantine, keeping viewers entertained as they’re spending time indoors. Thanks to TikTok, we’ve learned how to milk a cucumber, how to make whipped coffee, how to bake a cute loaf of frog bread and even why ice cube trays have a flat spot.

What can’t TikTok teach us?!

Now there’s a new TikTok food trend, and it’s mind-blowing. People are spinning their peanut butter jars on the floor to make them look brand new.

They’re Doing What with Peanut Butter?

We were doubtful at first, too. But once you’ve seen this hack in action you’ll be a believer! TikTok user @shopsplat made a viral video showing off this trick and it looks easy as can be.

You need a half-eaten jar of peanut butter and a smooth floor. You know the messy sort of jar where all of the peanut butter is on the bottom and stuck to the sides, so you’re forced to use a knife to scrape out the last bits? That’s perfect. By the way, we’ve found the ultimate peanut butter knife that scrapes up every last bit of peanut butter from those notoriously difficult jars!

How Spinning Peanut Butter Works

This trick works best on a smooth surface like wood or linoleum. Don’t forget to screw the lid on tight, because you’ll be spinning the jar pretty quickly. You lay the jar on its side and spin it fast as you can. That’s it. There’s no set time, but a minute would be a good place to start. Physics does most of the work.

When you open the lid, you’ll find a perfect creamy swirl! It’s not just pretty to look at—it’s practical, too. Here are some delicious ways to use that peanut butter.

Treats to Make with Your Like-New PB
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