Here’s Why You Won’t Find Peeps in Stores This Year

Love 'em or leave 'em, Peeps won't be available for the 2020 Halloween and Christmas seasons.

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When it comes to Peeps, you either can’t get enough or one is just too much. No matter your opinion, we can all agree Peeps are a holiday staple, serving up the best new flavors every Easter, Halloween, Christmas and more. (Just make sure you’re not putting Peeps in the microwave.)

Unfortunately for all you Peeps lovers, the sugar-coated marshmallow delights won’t be around to wrap up 2020.

Is There a Peeps Shortage?

According to Just Born and foodie Instagrammer @JunkFoodMom, Peeps won’t be making their seasonal debut for Halloween and Christmas this year. Why is that? In March, a handful of news outlets reported a decrease in Peeps production this year since facilities shut down due to COVID-19 risk. While there were enough to carry us through Easter, not enough Peeps were produced to cover Halloween and Christmas.

That means we won’t be seeing classic ghosts, black cats or gingerbread men in stores until 2021’s holiday season. According to @JunkFoodMom, this will be the first year Halloween Peeps have been unavailable since 1958.

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Has anyone noticed? Does anybody care? 🤔 🤷🏼‍♀️ There won’t be Peeps this Halloween or Christmas. I wondered why I hadn’t seen them on store shelves and @blaircandy explained why on their website. Safety first, we will be fine, but I’ll miss dropping a Peep in my hot chocolate. Best wishes to Just Born and their employees.. we’ll see ya next year 🐥🐥🐥 Thanks for putting this info up @blaircandy BTW yes I’ve seen Halloween Peeps advertised on websites but they must be last years? PS This is the first time Halloween peeps have not been available since their introduction in 1958.🤯. #blaircandy #justborncandy #peeps #nopeepsuntileaster #halloweenpeeps #christmaspeeps #nopeeping #wewillsurvivethis #seeyain2021vandy

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It’s not all bad news, though! Your favorite Peeps are projected to return next year for the 2021 Easter season. Still, we’ll be missing a festive Peep in our homemade hot cocoa come Christmastime.

There Are Other Ways to Get Your Fix

If you’re still mourning the loss of your Halloween and Christmas Peeps, have no fear! You can find some of the regular Peeps in stock on Walmart’s website. While these may not be the festive shapes we’re used to, they’re the same general flavor—and Peeps have a shelf life of two years, so you can still safely indulge in last year’s finds.

We’re going to miss Peeps this Halloween and Christmas, but we can’t wait for Easter of 2021!

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