This Peeps Pancake Skillet Makes Your Breakfast Bunny-Shaped—and It’s Adorable

Imagine waking up to Peeps pancakes!

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Marshmallow Peeps make Easter, and now they’re about to make your Sunday breakfast, too. This Peeps pancake skillet comes with a pancake mix and a skillet to make dreams come true. It’s everything you need to ensure fluffy bunny-shaped pancakes for breakfast—or any meal, if we’re being honest.

Peeps might be an Easter tradition here—but there are different Easter traditions around the world!

What’s in the Peeps Pancake Skillet Set?

The Peeps set comes with a nonstick bunny-shaped frying pan. The pan clearly has two long ears, two cute eyes and a nose, so there’s no mistaking your pancakes for anything but a Peeps bunny. It’s packaged with enough mix to make six pancakes, but if six isn’t enough, it’s not hard to make homemade pancakes from scratch.

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Load the bunny-shaped pancakes up with butter and maple syrup and you’ll have fuel for an energetic Easter egg hunt. You can find this Peeps skillet set at Target.

Do the Pancakes Taste Like Peeps?

Unfortunately, no. But no one is going to stop you from throwing some mini marshmallows into the batter or sprinkling decorative pink or yellow sugar on top. Or, of course, throwing in one of the brand-new Peeps flavors coming out for Easter! It’s definitely a great way to use up leftover Peeps.

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