Aunt Jemima JUST Revealed Its Brand-New Name and Logo

The rebranded products will hit stores starting in June 2021.

If you’re a sweet breakfast fan—I’m talking fluffy pancakes and Belgian waffles galore—then you’re probably no stranger to maple syrup. There are many brands of syrup out there, but one of the most constant names in syrup has always been Aunt Jemima. Growing up, I know my parents always kept a few bottles on hand up in our pantry.

In 2020, Quaker announced it would be reassessing its name and logo for Aunt Jemima products. It wasn’t the brand they wanted to display any longer, especially with the events that unfolded last year. Now, Quaker has officially announced its changes.

The New Brand Is…

Quaker has revealed the new brand will be Pearl Milling Company. The logo appears to be a building, most likely a reference to the original building in which the Pearl Milling Company was founded in 1888.

Keep in mind that while the name and logo will be different, the red and yellow color scheme seems to have stayed exactly the same. Besides—everyone knows the real reason we love the Pearl Milling Company’s products so much is because they’re truly delicious! Products under the Aunt Jemima name, without the character image, will still be available until June 2021.

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