Finally, a Knife That Scrapes Up Every Last Bit of Peanut Butter

With over 2,400 five-star ratings, Amazon shoppers call this handy peanut butter knife "a must-have."

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Any peanut butter lover knows how frustrating it is to scrape the sides of a nearly-empty jar, only to leave enough for an entire sandwich at the bottom, around the rim and along the sides. Peanut butter jars are notoriously difficult to scrape clean. They’re larger than most condiment containers and often have a decorative rim or wide bottom that makes scraping with a standard butter or table knife unsuccessful.

What’s worse, getting to the bottom of the jar often means your hands get covered in thick, messy peanut butter that’s a hassle to get off. If you’re sick of sticky knuckles and wasted spreads, a dedicated peanut butter knife is the gadget for you.

Nearly 3,000 Amazon shoppers agree that the PB-JIFE peanut butter knife is the secret weapon your kitchen is missing. Thanks to its convenient design, this magical little tool easily scrapes up every last bit of peanut butter from the bottom, rim and sides. And the extra-long handle keeps hands clean in the process. Here’s why you need it.

What is a peanut butter knife?

The PB-Jife peanut butter knife is an extra-long, ergonomic knife and spreader that’s a guaranteed way to make the most out of every jar of peanut butter. This strategically-designed knife features a flat, curved tip that’s meant to hug the inside corners, under the rim and around the base. Unlike a standard butter knife, the seven-inch blade reaches the bottom of extra-large jars, and the wide surface makes it ideal for stirring thick spreads or scooping out generous servings. The stainless steel blade is strong and durable, and the plastic handle is easy to grip. That way, you can easily stir even the thickest natural spreads without bending or breaking.

Peanut butter and jelly is one of the most kid-friendly recipes out there, so we love that this knife has a dull edge that’s safe and easy for kids to use. Better yet, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Length: 11.25-inches total, seven-inch dull blade

How to Use a Peanut Butter Knife

If you’ve ever thrown out a jar of peanut butter too soon, you know how frustrating it is to waste perfectly good spread just because it’s stuck to the sides. Thanks to an ergonomic grip, slip-free handle and seven-inch blade, this knife is designed to easily reach the bottom of even the deepest containers of peanut butter.

When you’re nearing the end of a jar of peanut butter, simply grasp the handle and run the flat edge of the knife around the edges of the container. Use the curved tip to hug the bottoms of the rim or the very bottom of the base to completely clean the jar. The extended blade keeps fingers clean, and the sturdy stainless steel won’t bend or break when navigating thick or solid peanut butter.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

With an average 4.8 stars on Amazon, users agree that this knife is a game changing kitchen gadget.

April Warren calls this a, “must-have for big jars.” She goes on to say, “this is so much better than a regular knife and so much better than a silicone spatula. I get the 48 ounce jars from BJ’s and Sam’s club and this reaches down to the bottom and no waste or mess.”

Elaborating on the functionality and versatility of the peanut butter knife, Sue says, “The handle is easy to hold, you can plunge up and down to mix, and even scrape from the outside towards the inside of the jar to mix. Love the little hooky thing on the end for getting into the edges at the top and bottom. Next time I frost a cake, I’m looking forward to trying it for this as well.”

Another Amazon Verified reviewer says, “This is really great quality for your money. Whatever you throw at this knife, it’ll handle it. Peanut butter, jelly, jam, Nutella. The knife is sturdy enough for tough jobs.”

Where to Buy the PB-Jife Peanut Butter Knife

Pbjife Peanut Butter Scraper Knifevia merchant

At just $14, this sturdy and versatile knife is a steal. It’s available on Amazon individually, and in a two-piece or three-piece set. You can also find it at Walmart for the same price. This affordable knife is the perfect gift for the home cook looking to get a little more mileage out of a jar of peanut butter. Yum!

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