Almost 50% of People Won’t Pass Out Halloween Candy This Year—According to This Survey

Halloween 2020 will be all tricks with much fewer treats, one survey says.

It’s fair to say we’ve had a mixed bag of a year, with quarantine keeping us home at all hours of the day, and that time filled with ingenious TikTok hacks like how to make the perfect breakfast sandwich and how to “milk” a cucumber. Social distancing is as important as ever, so naturally, Halloween is bound to look a little different, too. Candy lovers everywhere will have a harder time finding houses with a porch light on or a purple pumpkin outside.

But how many people are actually skipping their favorite tradition this year? According to a survey conducted by Apartment Guide, 46% of people are choosing tricks over treats this Halloween. Here’s why.

There’s Bound to Be Less Candy This Year

Trick-or-treating isn’t just for the kids—it’s what everyone looks forward to on Halloween. Parents are so devoted to the tradition that they started a petition to extend trick-or-treating through Halloween weekend, but that doesn’t mean every parent will be passing out candy this year. The survey, which recorded the responses of roughly 3,000 people, determined that 46% of people won’t be handing out candy this Halloween.

That same 46% also reported they would not interact with costumed kiddos this year, and 16% reported they wouldn’t be leaving the house at all on Halloween. So far, this spooky season is off to a weird start—but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Here’s the Good News

While some people may be sitting out this Halloween (or at least the trick-or-treating part), that doesn’t mean there’s no candy to be had. Almost a quarter of those surveyed reported they’ll be leaving a candy bowl outside for trick-or-treaters. Another 30% reported they’d be celebrating Halloween as usual. Fright fans between the ages of 55 and 64 are most likely the hand out candy this year.

Before you make your Halloween plans, make sure to check out the CDC’s guide to a healthy Halloween. (And don’t miss your chance to buy your favorite seasonal candy—even if it’s just for you.) No matter how you show it, happy haunting, everybody!

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