Panera Is Now Selling Groceries Like Milk, Bread, Fresh Produce and More

To keep up with the high demand for grocery staples, Panera Bread is shifting gears. Panera Grocery is here!

Getting to work in the kitchen is more important than ever right now. That means buying pantry staples, filling up the empty hours with all-day baking projects or even tidying up your cabinets. Unfortunately for the fast-food industry, that means fewer customers are opting to eat out—especially since dining rooms are closed across the country.

Panera Bread is changing with the times. Instead of just serving up soups and sandwiches, Panera Grocery is bringing the essentials straight to your door. And we couldn’t be more grateful.

Panera Is More Than a Restaurant

On top of free delivery (with the code FREEDELIVERY at checkout), Panera Bread is bringing you contactless grocery essentials. Everything your pantry might be missing is available with Panera Grocery, like milk, a variety of breads, yogurt and fresh produce. It’s Panera’s way of helping out the community and themselves as restaurant sales drop, and honestly, we’d be happy to have Panera goodies delivered to our door any day.

Panera Bread first announced Panera Grocery on April 8 via Twitter. It’s been warmly welcomed as an alternative to curbside pickup and other third-party grocery delivery services.

Here are all the stores with grocery delivery and pickup options right now.

How to Get Your Groceries

Getting the goods from Panera Grocery is as easy as ordering from the app or website. Just select the items you need, put your order through and the essentials will be dropped off at your door. If you’re just craving your regular Panera order, you can still order food from their menu, too.

Keep in mind that not all Panera locations are offering Panera Grocery. Delivery areas are limited, too, so it’s worth checking into before you start your order. If you’re not eligible for grocery delivery, you can always pick up the necessities in-store.

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