Panera Bread Now Has Double Bread Bowls

If you're a fan of You Pick Two, hold onto your spoons!

There aren’t many menu items at Panera Bread that are more well-known than the beloved Bread Bowl. It’s a sourdough loaf hollowed out like a pumpkin and filled to the brim with one of nine classic soups, and it’s been a fan favorite since before the store was even called Panera.

The most popular is the rich-and-creamy broccoli cheddar—so dang delicious a reader had to copy the recipe—but after a recent announcement, it appears that you might not have to narrow your bread-filling to just one soup, after all. Panera is launching Double Bread Bowls on August 5th!

This new version is crafted from an ovular loaf with not one but TWO bowls carved out to be filled with your choice of soup. It’s crusty, chewy and a clever way to keep up the spirit of You Pick Two.

Double Bread Bowls are technically designed for two people to share—Panera suggests splitting with a BFF, significant other or coworker—but we’re glad that the bread bowl has evolved! (I’ll personally be ordering mac & cheese along with my broccoli cheddar.)

Where to Buy the Double Bread Bowl

For now, the Double Bread Bowl is only being sold in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Inquirer says the product will be “tested and reviewed” from August 5th to August 31st. It might expand to menus nationwide—giving all of us the chance to double-dip for You Pick Two.

Until the Double Bread Bowl appears at your local Panera, tide yourself over with this homemade bread bowl. It’s actually way easier to make than you’d think!

Next, learn how to make Panera’s Greek lemon chicken soup.

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