Pancake Cereal Is the Breakfast You’re Going to Want Every Morning

How cute is this bowl of mini pancake cereal?!

Perhaps you’ve already tried your hand at whipped Nutella and whipped coffee. Now pancake cereal is poised to become the next viral hit!

This is no ordinary cereal. It doesn’t come in a box—unless you order IHOP’s limited-edition mini pancake cereal. But one look at a bowl and you’re going to want it in your life.

What’s the Story?

It all started with a post from @thenaughtyfork on Instagram. video. You’ve heard of silver dollar pancakes. Well, these are more like quarter-sized. You make the mini pancakes by dropping dollops of batter on a griddle, cooking until golden and flipping like normal pancake. Then, put your breakfast creation in a bowl instead of on a plate.

Top the pile off with butter and syrup (hold the milk) and you’ll have pancake cereal to kick off your morning.

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🥞Pancake Cereal!🥞 Mini buttered pancakes topped with syrup is my new go-to breakfast dish 😍 Tag a #pancake lover! #PHAAT

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All you need is a basic pancake recipe to get started. Once you’ve mastered that, you can branch out with apple-cinnamon, blueberries, bacon and more. You may also want to check out our Test Kitchen’s recommended pancake mix.

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It’s Time to Get Creative

Beyond saving lives, if there’s one positive thing to be said about self-quarantining, it’s that staying indoors has sparked a lot of creativity. Once upon a time, it might have seemed like too much work to make tiny pancakes. Now, it’s a fun breakfast project.

Artists have been making use of their downtime to create elaborate toast art and bakers are turning focaccia into glamorous works of bread art. Who knows—we might emerge from all this with a new set of culinary skills!

Next, try out the recipe for pancake spaghetti!

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