These Pancake Art Videos Are Going Viral on TikTok—and You HAVE to See Them

This mind-blowing pancake art is truly a masterpiece.

We’ve been treated to culinary TikTok hacks like fluffy cloud bread, whipped coffee and pancake cereal, yet social media is also a source of food artistry. Remember bread art?

One of the latest hits to come out of the video platform is TikTok artist and creator @DrDancake who puts his skills to the test daily by “drawing” celebrities, cartoons and more with pancake batter. You really have to see these pancake art creations to believe them!

What’s the Pancake Art Like?

So, who has @DrDancake immortalized in griddled batter? The better question might be what hasn’t he taken a stab at? Some of his pancake art celebrates holidays like Chinese New Year, while others showcase beloved animation subjects like Frozen’s Elsa and other Disney princesses, as well as Pokemon and a slew of supporting characters.

But it’s not all about cartoons. Some of the most impressive works of pancake art include celebrity portraits. He recently created a pancake masterpiece as an ode to Alex Trebek, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This year, the roster has included pancake portraits of Harry Styles, Joe Exotic from Tiger King, Billie Eilish and more. Amazing!

How Do I Make Pancake Art?

Sure, it helps if you can draw, but that’s not completely necessary to have fun with food.

Step 1: You’re going to have to start with securing a flat-top griddle, so you have a large “canvas” to work with.

Step 2: Now you need to master a basic pancake recipe. We recommend making the batter slightly thinner than usual because pancake art is built in layers.

Step 3: Now comes the fun part. You’ll have to create different colored batters using food coloring, then put them in squeeze bottles for easy access.

Step 4: Squirt away, starting with simple shapes before you get the hang of it. If you need more guidance than that, Dancakes offers tutorials to get you up to speed.

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