Oscar Mayer Is Now Accepting Wienermobile Driver Applications for 2022

Will you be the next Wienermobile driver?

The Oscar Mayer Hot dog wienermobile advertising truck is parked just inside the entrance to the Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, Kansas, September 15, 2018Mark Reinstein/Getty Images

The hunt is on for the next drivers of the iconic Wienermobiles. Oscar Mayer is now accepting applications for the best job ever: Wienermobile driver. The job starts in June 2022—here’s how to apply.

Here’s the Job Description

If you have ever wished you were an Oscar Mayer wiener, now you can be! Or, er, you can drive one, at least. The folks at Oscar Mayer are looking for a new Wienermobile driver, or “Hotdogger,” to escort six giant wieners across the nation. It’s a pretty high honor considering the Wienermobile has been going cross-country since 1936. According to Oscar Mayer, there are more people who have gone to space than people who have held the title of Hotdogger.

The position isn’t just driving, though. The newest Hotdoggers to carry on the legacy will be spokespeople for Oscar Mayer for one year. This means public appearances, some time on the small screen and radio and newspaper interviews. As a Wienermobile driver, you’ll also receive a competitive salary on top of the sightseeing bonus.

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Are You Qualified to be a Wienermobile Driver?

Oscar Mayer is looking for graduating college seniors who’re as wacky and creative as they are. You also have to be pretty ready for an adventure. The more intense qualification includes either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in one of the following fields:

  • advertising
  • communications
  • journalism
  • marketing
  • public relations

They’re also, luckily, open to other fields of study. Not surprisingly, the competition to be a Wienermobile driver is pretty tight, so get those applications in as soon as possible.

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How to Apply

If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, Oscar Mayer is accepting applications for a new Wienermobile driver until the end of January. The position is only one calendar year long, so it’s the perfect amount of time to get some adventuring in before heading back home.

If you’re ready to crisscross the hot dog highways of America, you can easily apply online to be a Wienermobile driver. Good luck to all the future Hotdoggers!

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