Oscar Mayer Is Launching a Hot Dog and Mustard-Flavored Ice Cream Sandwich (Really!)

Will you give this sweet and savory oddity a try?

As devoted ice cream lovers, we’re no stranger to wacky flavors. Whether peaches and cream or tangy dill pickle (it’s a real thing!), we’ll try just about anything—but there’s a new flavor on the market that’s testing our limits.

Oscar Mayer, everyone’s favorite Weinermobile-driving hot dog giant, has just announced possibly the strangest treat of the summer. This month, you can get a bite of your favorite baseball game snack and frozen treat at the same time with Oscar Mayer’s new hot dog ice cream sandwiches.

This Is Not a Drill

On August 1, Oscar Mayer announced on Twitter that the “Ice Dog Sandwich” will be making its debut later in the month. The Ice Dog is half candied hot dogs and half spicy mustard sandwiched between cookie buns. This peculiar delicacy is, according to Oscar Mayer, “artisan crafted in small batches made with candied bits of Oscar Mayer Angus Beef Hot Dogs.”


The hot dog ice cream comes shortly after French’s released a mustard-flavored ice cream in collaboration with Coolhaus. Oscar Mayer argues that condiments are only a sidekick to the main dish—hot dogs, so they deserve a space in the frozen dessert world, too.

For those who are still a little puzzled, this isn’t the first time savory meets have made their way into a dessert. Just think of candied bacon, chocolate-dipped bacon or one of these other delicious bacon desserts. In theory, hot dogs could have the same tantalizing flavor. We’ll let you decide.

When and Where to Get Yours

Oscar Mayer has expressed to fans on Twitter how serious the Ice Dog Sandwich really is. According to the hot doggers at Oscar Mayer, the sandwich will be around for an extremely limited time in August, though no dates have been revealed just yet.

What we do know is that the sandwich will only be available in New York City, so if you’re anywhere outside of the Big Apple, you may be out of luck. To learn more details about the Ice Dog Sandwich, Oscar Mayer advises you reach out to them on Twitter so they can give you the complete lowdown.

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