Oscar Mayer Is Now Making a Bologna Sheet Mask, and Yes, You Can Buy It on Amazon

Is it actually made out of lunch meat?!

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Skincare is an important part of our routine—and we’ve definitely upped our game recently. From making a baking soda face mask to using coconut oil to moisturize, we’ve figured out all kinds of ways to use everyday kitchen items to make our skin glow!

But one thing we definitely didn’t see coming? This bologna face mask. Yep, Oscar Meyer dropped a beauty mask inspired by your childhood habit of cutting eyes and a mouth in a slice of bologna.

See what nostalgic snacks will make you feel like a kid again.

Is the Bologna Face Mask Really Made Out of Lunch Meat?

Thankfully, no. The pink bologna face mask might look like it just came out of your lunch box, but it’s actually made out of a hydrating gel that promotes skin elasticity. It also offers tons of anti-inflammatory benefits, so your skin looks fresh and glowy throughout the week. The limited-edition mask is Oscar Mayer’s attempt to help customers stick to a “New Year, New You” commitment with a “delicious” new wellness product. Yum!

directions for how to use the oscar mayer bologna face maskCourtesy Oscar Mayer

The mask comes courtesy of a brand partnership with Korean skincare brand Seoul Mamas, known for its huge variety of sheet masks. Korean skincare products have become incredibly popular in recent years and we’re sure this bologna mask will live up to the hype.

How Can I Get One?

hands holding the packaging for the oscar mayer bologna face maskCourtesy Oscar Mayer

Starting January 19, you can grab a bologna face mask on Amazon for $5, available while supplies last. You can’t just make this out of bologna at home, so grab one before they run out. The masks will bring back childhood memories while making your skin look fabulous!

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