Oreo and Ritz Just Revealed This Miracle Mashup, and People Are Already Obsessed

RITZxOREO is a sweet and salty miracle.

Do you like Oreos and Ritz crackers? Lover of round wafer-like snacks, your day is coming. Meet RITZxOREO.

This food mashup is one part Ritz cracker and one part Oreo cookie. Yes, mashups can sometimes be strange (looking at you, Peeps and Hot Tamales) but this one squishes together two extremely popular snacks. And they’re just different enough to be complementary.

If your snacking preferences usually ride the salty-sweet train, jump on board!

What’s in the Oreo-Ritz Combo?

Oh, you’ve got to see it. It’s the Frankenstein’s monster of snack foods. There’s one Ritz cracker, one layer of peanut butter-flavored creme, one layer of original Oreo creme, and then one Oreo cookie.

Is it a cookie? Is it a cracker? Who knows! But it definitely looks cool. Like if a golden Oreo and a chocolate Oreo smashed into each other at full speed and decided to just stay that way.

When Can I Get It?

It’s not going to be easy to get this limited-edition treat. You’ll need to visit oreo.com/ritz starting at 12 p.m. ET on May 26. There, you can order one free pack of RITZxOREO, but you’ll need to pay $3.95 for shipping.

Set an alarm and mark your calendar, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. There are no plans to sell this in stores, a company spokesperson tells me.

How to Make Your Own Oreo-Ritz Mashup

Ritz X Oreo Collab DiyGael Fashingbauer Cooper For Taste of Home

I’m in the Pacific time zone, so I’m never up early enough for online deals like this. I decided to make my own RITZxOREO mashup. I dissected a peanut-butter creme-filled Ritz sandwich and an original Oreo cookie, and then stacked the two together. I’m sure mine didn’t look as professional and smooth as the corporate-made ones, but if you squint, it’s pretty similar.

I discovered that Oreos twist apart nicely, leaving all the creme on one cookie. But peanut-butter Ritz sandwich crackers do not. The PB sticks randomly to each side, but it’s close enough. Also, the Ritz cracker that comes in the peanut-butter sandwiches is slightly smaller than the Oreo cookie half, so they look a little weird.

But it’s all about the taste here. And the taste? It was excellent.

I didn’t think I was a huge fan of sweet and salty together, but my own little Oreo-Ritz mashup was divine. I knew the peanut butter and the Oreo creme would blend well, but I didn’t know that the salt from the Ritz would bring the whole thing together. 10/10, would Frankenstein this thing together again.

If you can get your hands on a free pack, do it! And if you can’t, well, buy some Oreos and some Ritz PB sandwiches and make your own. And if you’re interested in some other Ritz deliciousness, don’t miss out on trying this ritz torte.

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