Walmart Is Selling a TUB of Oreo Mousse We’re Already Digging Into

This oh, so decadent Oreo mousse is going to change the way you think about the world-famous cookie.

In case you couldn’t tell, we love all things Oreo. Whether it comes in a fluffy dessert or an Oreo variety pack from Walmart, we just can’t get enough of milk’s favorite cookie. When Oreo isn’t filling us up with every flavor we could ask for—Maple Creme Oreos, anyone?—Walmart is, delivering on all the crumbly, cookie goods we crave.

Now, Walmart has totally upped the ante by selling the best thing in after-dinner indulging—Oreo mousse!

Dessert Just Got So Much Sweeter

This unique treat was spotted in the Walmart deli freezer section by Instagrammer @snackgator. The mousse comes in 1-pound tubs—yes, tubs—and can be found among the other refrigerated treats like banana pudding.

The description on the top of the tub reads, “creamy mousse mixed with Oreo cookie pieces on top of an Oreo cookie crumb,” which clearly means the dessert is chock-full of Oreo cookies. The tubs of mousse retail for $5.98, a total bargain for all of that cookies and cream!

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WOW! 😱 Now THIS is a dessert! We found this Oreo Mousse Dessert in the deli freezer section at Walmart. 😍 We’re pretty sure it winked at us as we walked by! The description says, “Creamy mousse mixed with Oreo cookie pieces on top of an Oreo cookie crumb.” Yes, PLEASE! Are you drooling? 🤤

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But if you don’t need that much sugar in your life, Walmart also sells Oreo mousse in smaller sized cups that could be perfect for snacking or packing in a lunch. (The cups are also a little easier to commit to, in case you’re not craving a full pound of the stuff.)

For Oreo Lovers Only

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating Oreo mousse with a spoon straight out of the tub, but you could also use it as a fun dip for fruit or salty snacks like pretzels. (It’s also a great substitute for this dirt dessert.) Unfortunately, you’ll have to head in-store for this treat, as it’s not available on Walmart’s website. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra goodness for dessert, so add Oreo mousse to your grocery haul this week!

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