Oreo’s Cookie House Kits Are a New Twist on Classic Gingerbread

Your favorite Christmas activity just got sweeter with these Oreo cookie house kits.

Light the fire and hang those stockings, because Christmas is coming a little early this year. Hallmark kicks off its 2021 Christmas movie lineup today, and Pepperidge Farm just released a brand- new holiday-cookie. On top of that, fan-favorite brands like Nestle and Reese’s have already dropped their seasonal candy down the chimney of your local grocery store.

We can’t get enough of all these sweets, and Oreo is about to raise the festive bar. Now, you can build classic gingerbread houses out of milk’s favorite cookie with these Oreo cookie house kits.

What Makes This Kit So Festive?

Oreo cookie house kits come with all the fixings. Your walls are made of chocolate cookie pieces that you can decorate with snow-white, premade icing. Accent the roof with mini Oreos, fruity gummies and candy jewels, and customize as you please. The kits come in two sizes: small, for all those little hands helping you out this year, and large, for the adults who want to get creative for Christmas. It’s the ideal indoor activity for snow days, and there’s no better gift for Secret Santa.

Where Can I Find One?

It’s never too early to gather up your Christmas gifts, and you can find Oreo cookie kits on shelves now at Big Lots. The smaller kits cost a budget-friendly $5, and only $10 will snag you the bigger version. They just went on sale today, so you’ll need to head over to Big Lots to get yours ASAP. Chocolate lovers will also be ecstatic to know Hershey’s has released a similar cookie house kit at Big Lots, so you can build all winter long.

If you need decorating plans for your Oreo house, don’t miss these genius ideas.

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